Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I did this just to annoy my mom....she's tired of my videos and commercials. But, seriously, there are many times that this song hits home.....I'm especially emotional tonight because Kristen West sent me a link to a blog about a month ago for a very courageous young mother battling breast cancer. It touched me even though I didn't know her. Today she lost her brave battle and left behind 4 young children. You must read her blog to understand how brave and blessed this woman was. I know, blessed sounds crazy....just read

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Kristi said...

Thanks for posting that. I had just finished reading Kim's blog and was about to get myself composed when I clicked on your blog. So, now I'm having to compose myself again! It's not helping that you're not anwering your phone right now :-). Anyway, the message of that song hits me everytime. I guess it must be true or else what would be the purpose of getting out of bed every morning?