Monday, March 09, 2009

I need your help!

I finally got some pictures of my kids where they have semi-natural smiles and look most like themselves. I want to get a new picture for my mantle but I've got on my mommy goggles and am having trouble picking one! So, I need your help. Which one, if any (don't worry--it won't be expensive) should I pick to print big for my mantle. I have a very traditional home with traditional colors and want it to also match my decor. Be honest-- but nice ;) I know they aren't perfect (the pictures...... or the kids ;)










KrisPT said...

Maybe you should make a collage! They're all really good. I love the ones where Av's laughing with her hand in front of her face, but I also really love 1 and 9. Good luck deciding.

KrisPT said...

What do I know? Rodney likes 2 and 4.

Sheri said...

I can see we are not going to be much help....I like 4 and all of them, though! Miss you all!

Ben Williams said...


You have other black and white photos so this will follow the theme, there is still some "floating head" action but it's not as bad as the others, and a taller portrait will "bring down" the space between the ceiling and the mantel whereas a landscape will make the mantel look wider than what it is.

The Speight Family said...

I love #4. Also love #8 because Avery's pesonality is shining through!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't pick. I want them all. You know I am not partial to them, but aren't they the cutest.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Kristy!! I love all of them and think to make a collage and hang that somewhere but I understan about wanting one for the mantle. I like 2 and 8 for the mantle but love the ones of Avery laughing too. Sorry not much help. You are to good at that.


Andrea Spears said...

These are great! I understand why it's so hard to pick! I really like #3 and #4...I know they are the same, except for color but I think any of them would look awesome in your house!

Kari said...

I am not going to be much help either I like them all too!! but I really like the ones of Avery laughing wiht her hand in front of her face!!! I dont think you can go wrong with any of them...they are all great cant wait to hear which one you picked..and the others I think need to be done in a collage..somewhere in your house!!

The Beaver Bunch said...

#3 or #6 are my faves, but I love them all.

Thx for the comment. I understand what you're saying, but I wonder if I am perceived as part of that "sorority" that other Christians feel excluded from. Know what I mean?

Amanda said...

Well, I like #1...but I agree they are all good. They just look like such a pair in that one. Avery's hair looks kinda red in the pics. Her hair looks like the same color as Tate's and I hadn't realized that before. Any of them will look great but this time I am liking the color pics best.