Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Son "the Loser"

Tate and I were traveling in the car today and he spotted a "souped up" Mustang that he thought was cool. "Mom, I wish you could get that car," he said. "But I don't want that car....maybe someday when you are older and have a job, you can buy that car," I replied. Then Tate responded with, "but I'm not going to have a job when I grow up." He's always talking about wanting to be a daddy when he grows up so I told him that you have to have a job to be a daddy. Then he explained that he didn't want to be a daddy anymore, he just wanted to be a "man". At this point, I realized my attempts at rationalization were futile. So much for aspiration........

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Anonymous said...

HEHEHE!!! That is so funny I love looking at all the pictures and reading all about what is going on with you all. Looks like we need to jump on the blogwagon. Hope all is well and miss you all bunches!! Hope to see you soon.

Kari and family

ps Avery is precious!!! give her and Tate kisses for me!!