Monday, August 20, 2007

Schools In! Yea!

Thank goodness, school has started. I think Tate was starting to get really bored at home. The last few weeks of heat really did us all in as it was hard to go outside and play without having a heatstroke! He got up quickly this morning and was ready to go before I knew it! He almost didn't even let me walk him to his room this morning.....but he changed his mind and even turned around expecting his kiss when I left. I pecked him on the head to keep his classmates from laughing and left. It was much more emotional for me this year. Maybe because he seemed so grown up and independent......
Avery realized that Tate was going somewhere this morning, too, and threw a fit when I went to get her out of the car at Joan's. When I opened the door, she actually said, "I no go Ni," which is Avery-speak for "I'm not going to go to Gran's today, thank you very much." I was laughing so hard I nearly dropped the wild, rabid thing on the ground trying to carry her in.
Another one of my children started school today, too. Rob went back to college today to finish his degree in art. He wants to be an art teacher when he grows up...... I don't know how he's going to make it (or how I'm going to make it) these next few years, but we hope it will be the best thing for our family in the future. We've just got to get through the next year and a half (or two).


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Rob for going back to school. I know that is what he really wants to do. I thought it was much harder to let Tyler go to school this year too!! Why must they grow up so fast. Tate looks like such a big boy we really need to get together soon. I mean we could meet one weekend in Memphis!!! Give Avery and Tate kisses for us and tell Rob WAY TO GO!!!!

Kari and family

Kristi said...

Tate looks a little sleepy in the picture you posted. I'm sure Mommy looked even sleepier! Glad things are going so well this year.