Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Princess Dress
I'm sitting here, recovering from the flu. Feeling far from beautiful and not even presentable at this point. At least I did just shower and wash my hair, which was a huge step in hygiene, at least. But the best part of the day, the thing that made me feel like I was healed instantly, just happened.

I had just finished showering. I pulled my wet hair back into a rubber band, put on my glasses, and threw on an old, terribly unflattering pink nightgown. Now this nightgown is not the kind you wear when you want to feel sexy or special. This is the nightgown you put on when you just want to feel comfy. I actually got it to wear in the hospital when I had Avery. And rightly so, it looks very, how shall I put it, "maternal".

As I sat down on the couch, Avery crawled into my lap. She instantly looked at my gown, and smoothing it with her tiny fingers said, "Dis your pississ?, Aw, you pississ!" I had to ask, just for clarification....., "Do you think this is mommy's princess dress?" "Yes!", she said, her brown eyes twinkling and curls bobbing as she nodded. And at that moment, I felt like a princess, too.


Andrea Spears said...

That is adorable! Glad to hear you are feeling better. So much for getting flu shots this year, huh? Poor Kinsley went through the trauma of the shot and STILL got the flu. Now I am wondering if it is really worth it. Looks like you guys got a lot more snow than we got- I'd like a big one so the girls can go out and play, but I doubt at this point we will get it!

Anonymous said...

How Sweet!! and I am also sure that you did look very much like a princess...hehe!! Isn't it great that our kids can make us feel better instantly. There really is no better medicine...I hope that you are feeling better the flu was not fun.


Anonymous said...

You are a princess to her and you always will be. She is adorable.

Love ya,

KrisPT said...

I've seen the "dress", but I still wonder why you didn't post a pic of that :-)? Glad you're feeling human again.

Amanda said...

That's so sweet! Keep this story for the days that she looks at you and thinks "What on earth are you wearing, Mom?" You know those days when daughters don't want to be seen in public with their mothers. Deep down, they once thought their mommies were princesses! Enjoy it!
... and sorry for giving you the flu!