Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter was, as usual, a whirlwind. Luckily, we are on spring break this week, so we have a few days to recover before we head to Branson for a mini vacay with Mom, Fred, Adam & Jennifer, and the kids. We had an egg dying party at Nanny's Saturday night. Tate, bless his heart, broke more eggs than the little kids. Not just cracked, I mean mutilated! Well, grace has never been his strong suit. Good thing he's super smart! Avery was a super egg hunter and found 51 eggs, coming in second only to Darren who is 11 years old!

We went to an egg hunt at Stewart Park on Saturday and my kids found ZERO eggs. It was a real bummer..... But the kids were happy just getting out and getting to play on the playground at the park.

Tate spent the night with Gran and Pawpaw last night and we got a call at 5:30 this morning saying he was throwing up and had fever...... wouldn't be vacation without a little puke, huh? So, today we are recuperating so that we will be well enough to enjoy the rest of our break. Please pray for a quick recovery and good immune systems for the rest of us so that our trip is most enjoyable!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute!! I am sorry that Tate was under the weather. How is he feeling now??? I would love for us to get together..maybe we could meet in Memphis sometime soon...miss ya!!

Happy Easter

Andrea Spears said...

A new post! Yippee! I am on Spring Break this week too. Hope Tate gets better so you can enjoy your trip to Branson. I love reading your and Rob's comments on Russ's blog...keep it up!