Saturday, September 06, 2008

It was the best of times.......???

Last Sunday night, Amanda and Jeremy and Rob and I took our kids to the Redbirds game in Memphis. Typically, these games are very laid back, with small crowds and a real small town atmosphere.

Well, evidently, we picked the wrong game.

It was the last series of the summer and the last game where they have fireworks after the game. This drew a record crowd - over 18,000 fans. We ended up buying standing room only tickets (we all got in for $24 with some coupons-yea!) so technically, we had no seats. We ended up sitting in a section where my mom, Fred, and my brother's family were sitting. It was an interesting evening, to say the least. I can't go into all of the detail. But, let me tell you a few words to describe the event: HOT, LONG, LOUD, CROWDED, OVERSTIMULATING, HOT. The combination of these things was a little much for all of us. Especially when two of the four children have sensory processing issues and one of the four is potty training. I seriously don't remember watching even one second of the actual ballgame.

To make a long story short, it was the best of times...... it was the worst of times. We were so glad to get out of the house and spend some fun times with our friends and family. It was worth it.

The lady in charge of the slide was a bit passive, to say the least. Her attempts at getting the kids off of the slide when their turns were over had me laughing my head off. We finally had to wrangle them off ourselves

Addie, Avery, and Mason

Tate and Maddox (his cuz)

P. S. I didn't forget about Friday Favorite........... Sarah Palin. No apologies.


Amanda said...

Ahhh, memories. It was a good night, but I was glad to be home. I like the Friday Favorite!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every minute of watching those kids have fun. Even though they didn't have a clue!!!!!! They were just there doing what they do best. Be kids!


Sandy Toes said...

What fun pictures and so clear! I saw you over at the Nester and decided to stop by! So excuse me while I snoop!
Great Blog!
-Sandy Toes

Anonymous said...

This is another picture that shows just how much Maddox and Tate favor each other.


The Beaver Bunch said...

Part of me gets jealous when I see people taking their kids to ballgames and such. We don't do those things b/c,'s too chaotic. I'm too selfish to endure the crowd, tears (mine and the kids), diaper changes in public, and, not to mention, my excessive paranoia when it comes to having my kids in a public, crowded place. I'm a freak.

Loved the pics.

The Andersons said...

@the beaver bunch

Girl, I feel your pain. I find it hard to get out with TWO much less FOUR under the age of 4. You are a trooper just to go to church, girl.

Just in the last few months have I even felt like going to the trouble. I've decided I can either be crazy at home or out. I get much less stressed about it than I used to. I used to wonder why people let their kids keep them from "doing". Now I know.

Seriously, though, my favorite thing to do is just have friends over to my house and chill. I don't have to worry about them peeing in someone elses floor (yes, happened just last week) :)

The Beaver Bunch said...

Haha! My favorite kind of friends are the ones that come to me. Just ask Amanda!

Amanda said...

And, I'm a really good friend since I took my two kids 700 miles to see Jess.