Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Survey

1. Fresh or Fake Tree
My dad was a freak about fires so we always had a fake tree growing up. I think we had a real tree once and my parents took it down the day before Christmas because it was so dried out and such a fire hazard. I like my fake tree, though. I always know what shape it is going to be. The thought of "the Christmas tree hunt" does sound fun, too.

2. Favorite Ornament
The year that we lost Reese, a co-worker of Rob's sent home this sweet little embroidered piece of felt. Every year when I put it on the kids' tree, I remember. I also let my kids pick a Hallmark ornament each year and as we put them on the tree, I remember all of their outgrown toy fads. It's always very sentimental.

3. Favorite Christmas Song
Okay, here's where I get "grinchy". I don't really care for Christmas music. Something about it seems so cheesy to me. I don't mind to hear it and I'll probably even hum along, but I don't typically buy Christmas CDs or put any Christmas music on my ipod. I know........ bah humbug.

4. Favorite Tradition
Well, traditions change as you get older and start your own family traditions, but I guess my favorite "old" tradition is opening gifts at my mom's on Christmas Eve. My brother, even at 29, gets so stinking excited. He is typically so quiet, but at Christmas he gets a little giddy. My mom is also so much fun at Christmas. I have truly inherited her joy of gift giving. She always goes a little overboard with the gifts, but it's not because we are spoiled or expect it. It's because she loves it.
My favorite tradition with my kids is making and decorating cookies for Santa. We always just use some good ole slice and bakes or those prerolled sheets of sugar cookie dough, but the kids love it none the less.

5. Favorite Gift Ever
Hmmmmm....... this is hard. (I heard that Kristi) My most used gift ever is a fuzzy blanket I got from my grandma when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. I wore mine out, but my brother got one the same year and I am still using his. I sleep with it under the sheet.

My most favorite gift ever would probably have to be Tivo. We got it from my parents just a few years after DVRs came out and I don't know how I ever watched TV without it. We have had to have it repaired or replaced a couple of times and when we do, I refer to it as if Tivo was a good friend going into the hospital (of course only kidding).

6. Favorite Christmas Meal
Ham, turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, Sister Schubert rolls, hash brown casserole, green beans, and strawberry salad. Mmmmmmm...... I looooovvvvve dressing.

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie
Okay, this is a new one. A co-worker, who also happens to be Rob's sister-in-law's mother, brings these iced sugar cookies that her sister makes to work and they are TO DIE FOR. I think she gave me the recipe last year, but I can guarantee I could never replicate it. There's also something special about cookies when someone else makes them. I also love those little shortbread balls with pecans in them that are rolled in powdered sugar. I've tried to make those and I have never gotten them to taste right. Leave it to me to have a whole long paragraph about food ;)

8. Favorite Place to Be
My mom's. The kids get crazy, but it is still fun. I love my family because we can always just be ourselves.

9. Favorite Memory
The year Tate was two and we had just moved into our house. He was just beginning to talk (yes, he was late) and when he got up on Christmas morning, he opened all of his gifts and just gushed about each and every one. He got a Viewmaster and I remember he tried to reach out and grab the air as he was looking through. It was precious. Rob and I were in tears with joy.

10. Favorite Christmas Movie
Okay, I'm going to get "grinchy" again. I'm not big into watching movies repeatedly. Once I watch it, I'm usually done unless I happen to see it on TV when there is nothing else on. I guess I would have to say the old Dr. Suess How the Grinch Stole Christmas, seriously.

I'm hoping to start some new Christmas traditions with my own family this year now that the kids are older. If you have any ideas that have worked nicely for your family, please pass them on! This year we got an "Elf on the Shelf" and it has been really fun. I can't wait for Christmas break so that I can put together some more thoughts on things to do. Happy Holidays!

(What is up with blogger that every time I publish a post it messes with my spacing! It drives me crazy to look at it all messed up but I can't fix it)


Ben Williams said...

My favorite Christmas song is one I can't sing; "Carol of the Bells". Or even better "Christmas Eve / Sarajevo"

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Christmas Eve. I am so excited I can't sleep at nights. I am checking my list twice. I love watching everyone opening their gifts. God gave us the most precious gift of all "his son." That is why I love my family so much. His gift has made it posssible for me to have this wonderful family.


Ps. You are so right about Adam.

Amanda said...

I'm planning on taking the kids shopping for each other this year since they are now old enough to get it. I hope it goes well. I can so see them picking out what they want and then not wanting to give it away. But, I'm hoping they will get into the giving spirit. We'll see!

Hall Family said...

I just wanted to Thank You for the comment you left on my blog, it means a lot to me, to know that I am not alone.

ps-I can not stand the spacing issue either. I have tried and tried to fix it, but nothing works-lol!

Amyholt said...

Hey Stephanie, The girls and I make a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake on Christmas Eve. It helps us all remember why we are actually celebrating. We sing happy bday to Jesus and then eat His cake:-) If you think of any other good traditions to start with kids let me know. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas, Amy Holt

Anonymous said...

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