Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Season's Favorite Shots

The only dog Avery's dad will allow her to have. His name is Sparky..... I mean Jo Jo...... oh wait, that's Chinook....... his name changes by the hour.

Rob's company Christmas party at the bowling alley.

Maddox and Logan

Tate and Maddox got Marshmallow shooters but Maddox cracked us up by seriously being most excited by the bag of marshmallows.

This is a family picture we won't forget. Let's just say I had to hone my photoshop skills because SOMEONE decided to make screwed up faces in all but ONE photo. I was a little peeved after running back and forth to the camera timer about 6 times. See if you can guess who got a new head :)

Tate's new 4 wheeler that Santa brought

Oh my...... it's only the beginning.....


Anonymous said...

Christmas was so much fun! I loved watching their faces and the excitment as they opened each gift. What in the world is Avery going to do with all those dogs and horses? She has her own animal farm.


Hall Family said...

I love the pics!

Andrea Spears said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love the pictures.

Kari said...

Love it!! looks like you all had a blast!! so who got the new head in that one photo?? I am dying to know!!

The Andersons said...

Jon's the one who got the new head. I nearly killed him when I saw that he had been an ignoramous is EVERY picture. And then he said, "well, I didn't do it in one of them." Doesn't he know how hard it is to get that many people looking decent, much less to ruin it by choice? You would think that the fact that I went home, got the tripod, and ran back and forth 20 times for the timer would be a clue that this was not a time to goof off! UGGGGGHHHHHH

The Beaver Bunch said...

Great pics, well, except the one with the guy w/ the giant head.

The Andersons said...

@beaver bunch

Was the replacement that obvious? I didn't realize it was now "giant". I didn't change the size any. Oh poo. Maybe I've looked at it too long :o

The Andersons said...

@beaver bunch

BTW, I'm sending all of my edits your way for proofing next time. Honestly, on the actually print, it doesn't look that out of porportion. It printed a little dark which added some much needed shadows. His head is a little big to begin with. he he. Must be related to Amanda's brother from what I hear.