Sunday, May 03, 2009

He Did It!

Well I never doubted that I would be able to type that title, but it did get a little scary along the way! Rob will graduate this coming Saturday with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts! Yay! This past Thursday, he had his Senior Exibition and, for those of you who weren't able to make it, it was fabulous. I was a little concerned with the location at first, but it turned out to fit his work well. He had about 50 or more in attendance and everyone seemed very impressed with his work. Here are some shots of my artist and his "wares".
Congratulations, Rob!


Anonymous said...

Please tell Rob congratulations!
He is so talented. Everything is amazing. WOW!!!! I miss ya so much.

Amy Sorg

Kari said...

Congrats Rob!!

That all looks soo great!! I still use the bowl he made me "years" ago!! In fact I think he made it for me the first go around!!

We are soo proud of him!!!

Miss you all!!

Amanda said...

I love it all! Congratulations Rob...and you too Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

Robs show was amazing! I am very proud of my pieces. He had such a great turn out from his good friends.

You both are truly talented people and compliment each other with your talents.

Love ya and love my pieces.