Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look What We Got!

I've been begging Rob for months for a dog and I decided to do it without his blessing he finally gave in. We welcomed little Miss Sassy a few weeks ago and it has been so much work fun! The kids absolutely love her, but she has added a few more things to my "to do" list (because I needed just one more thing)! She is hillarious and has done fairly well with the training.

She really is a cutie and I've even caught Rob snuggling with her a few times. She's a Bichon Frise and isn't supposed to get really big. I wanted something substantial enough that the kids wouldn't kill, but also small enough not to be a huge nuisance.

All of this kind of happened after I accidentally killed our family cat. Yes..... I killed it. Shut the garage door on its neck.........doh! It was traumatic for all of us. Poor Sandy was the BEST mouser. He was not, however, the most friendly pet. He was tough, though. There were several occasions I thought that cat was on the last of his nine lives when LO AND BEHOLD--- he would pull through. Not this time. Rob, Tate, and Avery came home from a walk and Rob saw him stuck under before the kids could see.

We realized how tough he must have been when a week after we buried him, we found where the coyotes had finally gotten the best of him-- this time when he couldn't fight back :(

I hope we have more pictures to show of Sassy in the coming years. I think maybe even Rob has gotten a little attached. It helps that she is just so darn cute ;) And the little girl holding her isn't so bad, either :)


Amanda said...

She is pretty darn cute! So, is the dog. Do you mean that the coyotes dug up your cat? That's creepy. Rob should dig deeper holes.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! I wish you hadn't told that about Sandy. That is terrible. She is cute, the dog and Avery. and Tate.


Sheri said...

very cute!! All of them! We are going to try to do a road trip this summer and take Turner by our old house. Hope to catch you all for a few minutes!