Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ups and Downs

I'm joining in Jessica again and sharing my funnies for the week. I often wonder if some of these are just funny because they're my kids?? Anyway...... hopefully you'll enjoy!

Avery was talking about how strong she is as we were eating dinner.

Tate: "Do you think she could lift 20 labels?"

Me: "What are labels?"

Tate: "I don't know."

I tried to figure out what "labels" might be and finally realized that his interpretation of the abbreviation "lbs" might be a little off but his phonics and word decoding is spot on ;)

Rob was walking Tate through the yard to Mom's and he was a little skiddish to walk out in the dark even with Rob at his side. Rob tried to tell him he was ridiculous comfort him, but he was so frustrated with his own fears:

Tate: "Dad, why am I afraid of everything? Dogs that attack, cat's with no homes......!!"

It's a good thing he knows danger when he sees it.


Avery just this moment came into the living room.

Avery: "That paper says when you die, Jesus comes to your house."

Me: "What paper?"

Avery: "This" (produces random scrap of paper)

Me: "What does Jesus do when he comes to your house?"

Avery: "He rides a motorcycle. Remember?"

Where have I gone wrong, Lord?

Changing gears.......... On a truly "not funny" note, please send up a prayer for my grandparents this weekend, if you can. My Papa Ralph is in the CCU with symptoms of congestive heart failure. He's on a ventilator, but seems to be making some slight recovery. My Papa Jean is in the local hospital and will be moving soon to the nursing home. My Mema will be living alone now which, with her dementia, may not be a good thing. The kids and I went to see "UP" today and it was a sad reminder of the fragility of life and the lonliness of old age. It was, sadly, a timely message as we struggle with my grandparents' care. Sorry to end with a "downer", but that's just the way life on this earth is. Everyday brings laughter and heartache :( I'm so glad this is not MY home!

Have a good weekend!


The Beaver Bunch said...

Funny stuff with the kids. I'll say a prayer for your grandparents.

Tracy said...

No - it's not just funny because their your kids. I LOL at the cat comment. Homeless cats, who would have thought how traumatizing that could be??

And BTW, I'm an SLP too and also am so blessed to have found a profession were I can work and be a mom to 3!

Amanda said...

Homeless cats...too funny!!! I'll be praying for your family. Life is so up and down. Thanks for the laughs...I needed them.