Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friday Favorite

Every Friday I am going to try to start posting a "favorite thing". I thought this might be a way for us girls to share those things we can't live without. I love sharing things I love. Although enjoying something myself is rather gratifying, I love to recommend things to my girls and hear that they love them, too!

Well, Angie over at Bring the Rain let me in on this little secret a few months back and I had to pick it up. Obviously, her post is not specifically about the cleaner but I thought, hey, if a cleaner can make you want to clean in that situation, then it must be sent from God, right? Well, boy was she right. I find myself wanting to clean my countertops at least 10 times a day just to release that intoxicating smell into my kitchen. I can't tell you that it is the most fabulous cleaner I have ever used, but it sure is the best smelling.

So run, don't walk, to Target and pick up some Method cleaner in the cucumber scent. Your home and your family will thank you.

PS.... we had another wonderful Bible Study experience this evening..... I'll post more later!


KrisPT said...

Hmmm...i'll have to think on this one. You've seen my house and you know there are absolutely NO cleaning products I can't live without. I do enjoy the lingering smell of Pine Sol after someone else has cleaned my house...

Deana said...

Hey..........that is the reason I couldn't find this wonderful cleaner that my friend kept bragging about.........Target. I thought you could get everything at Wal-Mart...proven wrong.

Ben Williams said...

I got Method Naked, because I don't like fruit smells coming from hard surfaces. I tried it on my glass-top stove and it worked really well. Next I'm going to try the windows and glass on the doors. We have a 4ft x 4ft glass block window in our shower and it really needs cleaning.

Thanks for the tip, they are currently 3 for $8 in Jonesboro.