Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday Favorite

I've had an ipod for a few years now. Rob actually had one of the first, the mini. I recently upgraded to the Classic and I have loved it. Lucky me, I ran across this little dodad at Walmart on the clearance isle a few weeks ago. I can now enjoy my music in the bathroom while I dry my hair (might as well have cut my drying time in half as much as it keeps me entertained!) or at the pool. It doesn't get really loud without distorting the music a tad, but we are able to hear it fairly well if it is sitting near our chairs outside at the pool. The quality is great inside. I have loved it and it has already been well worth the $50. It also came with a little travel tote and the front piece where your ipod sits closes forward to fold the unit flat.

I've always felt like I couldn't use my ipod as much as I wanted to. I mean, it's a little hard to stick something in your ears and make the world go away when you have two children to tend to. But not anymore! So, go....... scrounge the clearance isle and free your ipod from the shackles to your ears and share the love :) So are you tired of my advertising yet? Too bad.


money said...
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Amanda said...

I looked in the clearance isle and couldn't find one! This will be on my Christmas list, though!

Andrea said...

Have you seen the little thing that allows you to play your ipod through the car radio without any cords? Just put your radio on a certain station and you can listen to your ipod in the car and still hear your screaming children- second thought, stick to the headphones in the car! HA HA!