Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm tryin', Lord

Well, it's been a popsicle night.

For those of you that know me outside of this blog, you know what I mean. It either means supper was so horrible that my kids have resorted to about 15 popsicles afterward or that I was so "out of myself" that I was too disabled to fix supper and they had to resort to popsicles for nourishment. It's happened. I'll leave you to decide which actually happened.

Anyway, going back to work has been harder than I had imagined both emotionally and logistically. Rob has only been a real part of our family for about 35 hours in the last 7 days. This puts a real emotional and physical stress on me. We've also been trying to remodel the kids' bedrooms and are currently in the midst of chaos. I'm trying not to become discouraged about the coming school year with Rob and Tate going back to school. When Rob goes back, his time with us will be even more limited. Please pray for my strength. It may seem whiny and frivolous, but it is important. I need it. I commented on Amanda's blog about how I so admire single parents. I just don't have it in me.

Please also pray for Rob's safety. He is on the road a lot and many times, without much sleep. Sometimes I wonder why we thought this was such a good idea, but we have to remember that it is only a season and it will soon be over and we will forget what trouble it was.

Anyway (again), tomorrow Amanda, Kristi and I are headed to Searcy for a girl's overnighter to attend a Beth Moore simulcast. I need it BAD. There was actually a simulcast location in Jonesboro, but we thought a good excuse to spend the night was in order. And boy, did we know what we were doing when we thought of that!

Shalom out!


Kari said...

I feel ya sister!!! It has not been a great week for us..Warren has not been home, I am busy trying to get everything ready for school..(we went to uniforms in our public schools this you know how hard it is too find pants/skirts/shorts whatever for a little girl that still has to get her "bottoms" from the toddler section sometimes??)

Anywho I am jealous of you all going to Searcy to hear Beth Moore..have a great time!!

We have decided to do one last bit of a small vacation before we get crazy again...we are going to Lousiville, Ky to Kentucky Kingdom tomorrow and Sun...fingerscrossed we do not lose any kiddos..this is where Emily Klair got lost for about 35-45 minutes when she was 2 it was horrible!!!

Hang in there...we need to plan a girls weekend to Memphis!! Just say the word and I am there!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to our Friday favorite???? Mom will try to help more with the kids.


Andrea Spears said...

I completely feel the pain too about going back to school- but I know it must be harder without Rob around much. I just keep praying that September comes quickly...I usually can stop and catch my breath by then. Hang in there! YOu can do it!

Amanda said...

I really think you should just suck it up. It's not THAT hard. hehe!

You are a great mother. We just can't be Martha's all the time. And, that's not what our kids need most (trust me on that one). I admire the effort you and Rob have put into bettering your lives in the long run. Hard work for a while, but big rewards later (of course I don't mean money!) Hang in there!