Monday, August 11, 2008

God My Shepherd, I don't need a thing!
(Psalms 23, The Message)

I have recently realized that I am a "wanter". Okay, enough with the snickers....... I know it's not an epiphany, but it has become more evident how much time I spend wanting things. I started wondering if there has ever been a day that I haven't wanted for something whether it be new shoes, a new bag, new floor coverings, a new bedspread, a new book, a new CD, clothes for the kids....... I go from one thing to the next.

With the rise in gas and food costs lately, my wants have become nagging. I worry about how hard it is getting to just "live" much less get what I "want". My spirits have not been too damp, however, and many times I am scrounging the house over trying to find something to sell on ebay to cover my next purchase.

But I question my desires. Is "want" a human characteristic that we can not squelch? Is wanting itself a sin or is it a sin only when those wants require so much that you can not rely on God for your fulfillment?

I want to rely on God for my fulfillment. I want to want less.


Amanda said...

This sounds familiar. If you figure out how to want less, tell me!

Apple said...

I have to comment, though I'm a little late. I don't think that wanting is a sin. Doesn't Jesus want all of his children to come to Him...and, yet, we know that won't happen.

I think that wanting and fulfilling that want to the harm of your family and finances is a sin.

I know I certainly want. But, by the grace of God, it hasn't gotten me into trouble yet. :)