Monday, August 11, 2008


For those of you who know my son personally, you know that he is a rather eccentric kid. Although his personality suggests "odd", we have always embraced his differences and hoped that others could view him as we do. This is a conversation from tonight:

Tate: "Mom, I just saw something cool on TV. It was a motocross vehicle. It had a steering wheel just like MarioKart Wii and you could steer it. And it popped a wheelie with just the push of a button."

Me: "Really? That sounds cool."

Tate: "Yeah, it was. You could steer it."


Tate: (in his best announcer voice, a bit under his breath) "Made by Tyco RC."


Anonymous said...

You gotta love his commercials! Hey maybe he will be an announcer. He sure keeps me and Fred in stitchs with his singing and his commercials.


Kari said...

That is great!! Tyler was just talking about how much he misses Tate..and then he started singing "I'm lovin it"(that was one of the best visit we had, that is when the kids really started playing together)...I think that your mom is right maybe he will be an announcer...

Ben Williams said...


The Beaver Bunch said...

Hillarious. Sorry for the back-commenting, I'm getting caught up on my blog reading!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!!!