Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friday Favorite

Well, I haven't been inspired to write great things lately. Not like I ever was writing great things but....... anyway, you're stuck with just another boring Friday favorite. This week it's Photoshop. The only place you can take a not so great photo and make it wall worthy. Or at least they are to me. But you know, I do have on my mommy goggles for one of these.

...... I love to see the pictures go to this

........from this.

.....or this nice picture of the nasty but infamous Bono bridge

......from this.

I've had Photoshop Elements 5.0 for about a year now and still know only a tiny bit about all there is to do with it. When I do discover one of those tiny tricks that can make worlds of difference in my photo, I feel like I've won the lottery. Now don't go thinkin' that you can just whip out the $80 bucks for the program, push two buttons and magically transform your pictures into a professional looking masterpiece. The learning curve is rough to say the least. However, it is rather gratifying to play around and know that you can always undo what mess you just created. I downloaded a free trial and played around for 30 days before I made the investment.

And if you are better at photoshop than me and you know all about layer masks and magnetic lassos and gradient maps and can see right through my shabby editing skills, save it for your own blog. But if you are a professed amateur like me, feel free to share your photoshop glories! I'd love to see them!


Kari said...

Wow!! Those pictures are great..I love the one of Tate!!! You always do such a great job...Wow is all I can say..those are great!!

Ben Williams said...

I can teach you young one, then you can piss people off like I did: ""

Anonymous said...

You should have given credit to your husband for the awesome pic.

Sheri said...

I LOVE that picture of Tate! He looks so grown. He looks several years older than Turner. Turner asked, again, last week if we can go see his "old friend Tate" and the house we use to live in Arkansas. We miss you guys......