Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me, Circa........

Hi, my name is Alice Anderson. I'll never forget senior year, although I'd like to. Those sock hops were not so fun from the sidelines.
Hey! My name is Jennifer Anderson. It took 2 cans of Aussie and a good blow dryer to get this hair.

Hello, My name is Tracy Anderson.

Hello, my name is Peggy Anderson.

Hello, My name is Patsy Anderson (aka Patty). I was senior class president and lead saprano in the glee club.

Hi, my name is Susan Anderson.

I just can't comment on this...... I'm just too busy laughing!
I'm seriously about to wet my pants!


Sheri said...

Oh, I definitely love the last one!!

Kari said...

Love it!! and if you cut the 1995 one alittle shorter i'm not sure but i think I may have a picture of you that really looks like that...hehe!!! I am laughing so hard at that last one but in all honesty you dont look bad in any of them...wink!!

Leah said...

Love the pics!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey that one that said Peggy Anderson almost looked like me. That's frightening! But I loved the last one. Kari is right there is one that looks like one of your pictures.


Amanda said...

My favorite is 1962.

I think it is good that Rob is off next week. I'm worried about all the alone time you have had lately. I fear for you sanity!

Andrea Spears said...

Very funny- I can't wait to try it out myself!