Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Not So Stinky Day

Amanda, Jeremy, Mason, Addie, and Tate, Avery, and I went to Pumpkin Hollow in Piggott yesterday. We loaded up into my mom's truck with four kids, two wagons, and a picnic lunch and set off on the hour plus drive. The kids were good on the way up and besides a little scenic tour of the backroads of Clay County, we made it safe and sound.

After our picnic lunch, which we had to fight some flies and bees for, we decided to take the kids to the porta-potties. This is where the fun begins. I helped Avery use the bathroom while she questions everything inside. Of course I just want her to hurry, but she is facinated by the indoor/outdoor potty. I help her finish up, get her pants pulled up, and try to shimmy around in the potty, keep her from opening the door and find enough room to pull down my own pants.

Then I heard it PLUNK.........

Oh yes, something fell. Keys. And yes, I looked in the potty just in time to see the bubbling of their decent into the blue abyss.

I stood in shock for a moment. How deep was it? Since it was so blue, you couldn't see the bottom. I had a clue where the keys had landed, but what had they landed on? I couldn't tell. My only hope was to reach in. I know, *gasp* I reached in and grabbed them as quickly as I could. My arm went a little more than wrist deep. UGH I quickly grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped as much as I could from my hand. Then, luckily, there was a little outside sink with some antibacterial soap where I attempted to scrub my hand of the vile disgusting horror.

And then there were the keys. I washed them under the sink and lathered them around in the soap as well. I didn't think the keyless remote had much of a chance of survival at this point anyway.

Of course, Jeremy and Amanda didn't believe my story. Would I actually make something like that up? Like I pride myself in reaching my hand into a toilet filled with other people's crap? They finally bought it.

The rest of the trip was good. Avery had her heart set on riding a horse and Tate really enjoyed the "barn". Aside from the keys in the potty, dumping Avery out of the wagon as I pulled it, and the kids nearly getting trampled during the pig scramble, I think we could call it a good time.

By the way, after a little more drying, the keyless remote still works. And, I forgot to tell you that we had taken my mom's truck instead of mine............ shhhhhhhhh

"I don't think I can pick this one up"

Cowgirl Addie

Avery fed the goats white oak acorns..... Jeremy's idea

King of the Hay

Four tired children "sitting" on a bench........ priceless


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me!!! Only you would do it. So funny.


Kari said...

I am laughing so hard right now!! I would say only you but you and I both know that is not true...hehe!! glad that everything still works and that you got cleaned up fairly easy..I do have to say that you are a brave girl..not so sure I could have done it!!! Thanks for sharing and glad that you all had a great day!

Amanda said...

I am still laughing! We should have had a picture of three tired adults at the end. We had a good time! We're glad you went with us.

Ben Williams said...

At least it wasn't your phone.

Anonymous said...

You are braver than I,remember my phone story? It was my own crap!


The Beaver Bunch said...

Oh my word!!! Between your "Keys in Crap" story and Amanda's bird in the house, my afternoon seems much better.

5 kids 4 yrs and under is NOTHING compared to sticking your hand into port-a-potty "goodness."

Wow. You're my hero. If it had been me, we would have walked home.