Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gift of Gab
Avery is napping (I know it's 7 o'clock, but our summer schedule is screwed up) and I was thinking of all of the funny things she says lately. Here are a few of my favorites......

*Mommy, you memmer? Yessernight?
*Can a have one of does? Sur I can!!
*Mommy, I so pou uh you...... (usually when I'm on the toilet.... sorry if this is TMI)
*Dis is a bahereenna! (anytime she puts on a dress)
*Yet's go fwimmin
*I pee pee...... I nee a Hersee Bah! (she gets a Hershey Bar when she goes potty)
*insert rooster crow* It's summertime........ I wake up! (when I tell her to go to sleep, she closes her eyes and does this)
*I nee my see kuh (I need my sippy cup)
*I nee a pockle (popsicle) and I ri my bye-kle (bicycle)

She really amazes me with all she can do. She can ride a tricycle, and has been for a few months, and she can put all of her shoes on. It is unbelievable how differently girls progress than boys and how differently they play and think about things. God has some amazing designs!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud that you are home this summer with them both. They need that extra time with Mommy. They are both amazing.

Keep posting. I love it.


KrisPT said...

What about my personal favorite, "my nocklers!"? I don't think I ever would have translated that one....

sheri said...

I love it!! I looked at past posts--they are awsome! How do you do the collages??? WHEN were you in Memphis at the zoo and didn't call us?!?!?!(jk) Miss you guys.