Saturday, November 01, 2008


We had a good Halloween despite Rob having to work. The kids are getting old enough that it's much easier for me to handle hectic holidays such as this one without pulling all of my hair out. My only complaint is all of the driving and stopping at relatives' houses. Mainly because driving on Halloween is never fun and the kids start to get a little frustrated with all of the getting in and out. My kids also love to give out candy so all of the driving around limits their time for doing this. I love going trick or treating with the kids, but I'm also looking forward to the day when we can decorate and dress up and just stay and home and greet trick or treaters. If only my kids had two parents ;)

Avery, Tate, and cousin Maddox

Avery was a Bobcat cheerleader. I was a little worried about a costume she might actually "wear". She's been a little particular lately about what she has on. So when we went to the ballgame a few weeks ago, I thought this might be an good idea.

My sister in law, Jennifer, rolled Mallie's hair on sponge rollers for her princess costume. It was so funny. She looked like a little old lady who just came from the beauty shop for her weekly "set".

This is why all of the driving around is worth it. My grandparents are housebound and don't get to see my kids very often.

This was Avery's pumpkin request. Her daddy carved this the night before Halloween.

Rob carved pumpkins for hours. It's his "thing". We had a lot of trouble this year because our pumpkins were so thick and tough. He broke every tool he used and finally ended up cutting the tops off with a Saws-all electric saw thingy. When he had just finished the last one (nearly 3 hours later), he missed his stool and sat on one of them and broke it. He just shoved it into a flower pot for a "stand" and you would have never known....... bless his pea pickin' heart.

Tate was Indiana Jones. He loved his costume so much that he wore it for 2 days before Halloween just because. He looked in the mirror and said, "I look like a hunk."

Maddox's costume had a little "problem". This is the back :)

Hope you all had a great Halloween! Time to get out the Christmas tree!


Anonymous said...

Oh my I do love your blogs. The pictures are great! I thought they all looked so cute and they acted like they were having so much fun. Thanks for remembering the Great GrandParents. They may not remember each ones name but they mean the world to them. I look at these blogs know "Life is good".


Amanda said...

These pictures made me laugh! I'm glad you had a good Halloween. It's too bad the Great Pumpkin Smasher had to miss it all.

Kari said...

LOVE THE PUMPKINS!!! Tell Rob he has impressed me yet again!!!

The kiddos look great in their looks like you had a great Halloween! Avery looks so grown up in her cheerleading outfit..and Tate looks very much like a hunk!! What was Maddox??lol

The Beaver Bunch said...

So, so, so cute. Indiana Jones...that's funny. And, he IS a hunk, Mom!