Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ten for Tuesday

Friday Favorite has been MIA lately so here are ten things I'm happy about today:

1. My husband is off work for the next 3 days! Yea! Of course he still has school, but beggers can't be choosy. I miss him like crazy. I get a little crazy here without adult conversation.

2. My birthday is this weekend. I don't forsee any huge parties, but maybe I can eek in some hubby time and shopping..... maybe?

3. My daughter is potty trained! Yippee!

4. Post-it paper on a roll. What can I say? My life is simple. This stuff is super for the kids to create --it sticks to the table and then they can hang it right on the wall.

5. Fisher Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio....... I love you. You have occupied my kids for hours this weekend. Yes, you have been neglected for almost a whole year since we got you for Christmas, but thank you for your patience.

6. The Duggars. Watching freaks like you makes my life seem much more normal. No offense.

7. It's almost "tights" season. So much easier to keep up with than little socks.........

8. The leaves, the smell ..............this time of year often brings back some creepy memories --but I can't help but love it. I thank God for that.

9. Daylight Savings Time. I know, I know, it screws with your mind for a little while, but I so enjoy waking up when it's light outside and having an earlier "come inside" time in the afternoons. It makes my life much easier.

10. Sweet tea. I know, it's random


KrisPT said...

What? No shout outs to Diet Coke or Leinenkugel? I'm disappointed....but you gotta love courting, Duggar-style :)

Kari said...

Laughing so hard about the Duggers!! I can not even watch it anymore it drives me insane!!! but you are right on one hand it does make me feel much better about my life and kiddos!!

Oh yeah Happy Early Birthday!! I hope you get to spend some quality time with the hubby. and yay on Avery being potty trained isn't it wonderful???

Amanda said...

Hey, don't knock the Duggars. I never knew you liked to wear tights so much.

The Andersons said...


Have you watched much of the Duggars' show? Okay, in the show where their son got engaged, he and his fiance made a purity promise not to even KISS before they are married. Honestly, the whole episode just made me WANT to have sex because it was just so over the top. I'm telling you, if you start wearing skirts to your ankles and arranging your kids' marriages, I'm going to shake you.

Haven't you seen my fishnets? They are hot. Oh yeah, I only wear them on Sundays.


Amanda said...

You should know by now that I just like to aggravate you about the homeschooling thing. I know they're over the top.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Hey, don't the Duggers live in Arkansas?

They're really your neighbors, aren't they?

Sheri said...

Oh, seriously! Did you need to mention the fish nets?? Love the list! You have sparked our (coworkers) favorite freak show conversation (Duggars)!Happy B-day! I am trying to update my blog!

Twice as Nice said...

We're having a give away and would love for you to be a part of it :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've worn a few fish nets in my day!