Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where did Baby Tate go?

This weekend we celebrated the birth of our first born, Tate Aaron. He is a great kid. He has caused me a mountain of worries, but has also seen me through some tough times. He doesn't always listen, but seems to hear everything. He makes me cry my eyes out and laugh my head off. He can't remember where he left his shoes, yet, he knows the lines for every infomercial on TV. He's weird enough to be interesting and a nonconformist. He cries often because he's sensitive--like his dad.

Tate has grown into a wonderful boy. His innocent belief in the Lord makes me crave a theology where God is my Superman. I worry often that I will "mess him up" and I pray like crazy that he will be fine. He loves his family and finds his "best friends" within it.

Happy 8th Birthday, Tate!

I love you,


Now, Tate will also share his birthday week with a dear friend's second born, Aaden Isaiah. Aaden was born on good ole Black Friday (the 28th) at 5:07 am. I got to be there!!!! After having 3 c-sections, a good old fashioned delivery was a new experience for me and I was thrilled to get to be a part of it. Welcome, Aaden! And Happy Birthday to you, too!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful kid he is to us all. He can sure surprise you with all his knowledge. I think his sister is going to be just as smart. They sure keep us entertained! Where did the time go????

Love you Tate!


Anonymous said...

Congats to the Householders. He's so tiny and so cute.


Sheri said...

Happy Birthday Tate! I was showing pictures of Tate to Turner on your blog and Turner said," Wow, I can't believe Tate's growin' up!" Like Turner's all grown up himself....7 going on 27!! Love you all!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Tate! Happy birth "day" Aaden!

Looks like a fun and hectic week. I like the pic of Tate blowing the candles out. He looks so determined.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Tate...and happy day of re-birthing to you Steph. I always go through my mind the entire day of my kids' birth on their birthdays. Such special moments.

Anonymous said...

It was my honor to share our special day with you!! Love you bunches and thanks for it all!!

Hall Family said...

How Weird! We are hoping to have a boy (and a girl-lol) and when we do we want to name him AIDEN ISAIAH.
Before I became pregnant, and even now that I have miscarried, I would see the name ISAIAH everywhere. I always felt like it was a 'vision'-but now seeing the entire name on your blog, just gives me chills and HOPE!
My husband wanted to spell AADEN, but I am leaning towards AIDEN. Either way, your post has made me see that hopefully there will still be another chance. Thanks!